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Company Background
ThirdWave is a privately held California Corporation established in 1987, with offices originally in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles; in 1989 we consolidated both offices into our headquarters office in Los Angeles. In the past, we have had offices in Los Angeles, San Jose, Las Vegas, Tampa and New York City. Our Los Angeles office has been our headquarters office for 25 years.

ThirdWave assists our clients evaluate, select, implement, integrate and manage their Information Systems. We have carried a variety of professional / technology projects of scale and complexity for approximately 350 government and Fortune 500 clients throughout the US, Canada and the Middle East.

ThirdWave has its roots in two unlikely yet complientary disciplines. The founder of the firm had previously practiced Architecture, Planning and Construction Management. That experience was complemented with 8 years at IBM, providing IT solutions to IBM's largest Fortune 100 and government customers. Our vision reflects the synthesis of these two disciplines; the creativity and systems approach to problem solving from architecture, coupled with an understanding of large scale systems engineering from the IT industry. Borrowing a saying from the practice of architecture, where "form follows function", our vision is that solutions should:
  • Be driven by a formal process of Discovery, Requirements Definition and Solutioning, based on the unique business needs of each client;
  • Address the needs of several subsystems, e.g. people (workers and customers), business processes and management considerations, which become performance measurements for evaluating, selecting and successfully deploying Information Technology solutions;
  • Adopt a Strategic Business Technology vision based on a compelling business case that produces a return on the investment, either qualitatively or quantatatively.
ThirdWave's mission is to deliver highly successful Information Systems projects, resulting in transformation change for our clients. Our goal is to enhance business and technological capacities while cultivating operational efficiency, effective service delivery and optimal cost savings. To this end, our mission is supported by ThirdWave's corporate values:
  • Exceed the performance parameters of stakeholders through our passionate commitiment to results.
  • Uphold exceeding high levels of professionalism and integrity collaborating with our customers, business partners and staff.
  • Provide excellence and value in all we do, applying our strong work ethic to every engagement, no matter how challenging the task.
  • Deliver extraordinary results by assuming accountability and responsibility in all we do -- no excuses.

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