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Key Significant Engagements          
  • Confined in his ability to deliver the most responsive IT solutions to his customers, Roy Hernandez leaves a successful career with IBM's headquarters marketing group to start ThirdWave. Financed with $3,000 in capital, ThirdWave opened for business on October 19, 1987, the same day the largest stock-market drop in Wall Street's history occurs. Known as "Black Monday" - the Dow plunges 508.32 points losing 22.6% of its total value. Roy and Sergio Hernandez design the nine-bar ThirdWave logo.
    Year Image 87
  • We open an office in Long Beach to better support our Southern California customers.

    Key Projects: City of LA Dept. of Public Works to develop an enterprise IT Strategic Plan. Focusing on Computer Aided Design / Drafting and Scanning Systems, we produced a $6 million dollar implementation plan that revolutionizes the way 500 engineers / architects design and build Public Work's projects. We modernize design practices and processes unchanged since 1781, when the City was founded.

    Year Image 88
  • ThirdWave is awarded contracts in Silicon Valley with Lockheed, AMD, and HP. In So Cal we win major projects with LA DWP and leading companies, i.e., CH2M-Hill, J. Montgomery and CRSS.

    Key Projects: City of LA CADD $6,000,000 implementation with Bechtel, the largest local government implementation in the US (100 workstations and training of 400 engineers). The project is published in leading journals. People ask "Who is ThirdWave?" We consolidate the San Jose and Long Beach offices in our new office in West LA.

    Year Image 89
  • This year we implemented our complete business model and built a full service Information Systems company. We invested in GIS, Systems Integration, infrastructure and staff, and we started our outsourcing services.

    Key Projects: City of LA GIS Wye Map, the first GIS in the City; City of LA Hyperion Const. providing Systems Integration services for a 10 year - $23 billion dollar project, the largest public works project in the history of LA; and Port of LA Automated Budget System.

    Year Image 90
  • PC-based 3D modeling, animation, multimedia software is invented and we form a new business unit, the Multimedia Group. This is fun stuff! The Systems Sales & Support Group is also added providing 60,000 HW / SW products to our clients.

    Key Projects City of San Diego GIS Substructure project with the leader in mapping conversion, Baymont (Tampa); projects for several departments at the City of LA with firms such as DMJM and Black & Veatch; and we pioneer 3D animation projects with several leading Hollywood studios.

    Year Image 91
  • ThirdWave management feels a recession coming on so we redirect marketing to pursue recession proof vertical markets, i.e., Environmental, Transportation and Criminal Justice opportunities.

    Key Projects: We grow our services at the Hyperion Treatment Plant, a GIS Transportation project for the City of San Diego, and Programming services for SCAG. We now prime almost 50% of our large projects. The training wheels come off! Our Hollywood customer base continues to grow.

    Year Image 92
  • We continue to move into new vertical markets, i.e., Petrochemical, Finance and Federal Defense. This allows ThirdWave to survive our second recession; we continue to grow in GIS, Multimedia, IT Outsourcing and Systems Sales.

    Key Projects: Onsite MIS outsourcing to Chevron (El Segundo, CA) supporting 800 PCs / Macs, and several mainframes. We win a major contract with the US Naval Training Center in Florida to provide high-end computers for nuclear warfare simulations.

    Year Image 93
  • We established a national presence in GIS, 3D modeling and multimedia. We opened an office in Tampa, Florida and hired 147 GIS staff – in 6 weeks! This office will operate 24x7 for 3 years to carryout a $13,000,000 dollar GIS project to convert drawings of all US West facilities in 15 states.

    Key Projects: SONY, KCOP, architectural firms Widem-Wein-Cohen, Hirsh-Bedner and RTK; CAD systems/training to Wolfgang Puck for a 50 restaurant building program Barbra Lazarof will launch this year.

    Year Image 94
  • As the economy comes out of the recession, ThirdWave has a monster year. Entertainment clients include: DreamWorks SKG, FOX, and SONY Studios.

    Key Projects: Multiyear, multimillion dollar outsourcing contract to be LA County MTA’s MIS/GIS group (at $123 Billion, the largest US Metro construction project); Port of LA Wharf Inspection application; City of Las Vegas IT Strategic Plan (we're selected over leading firms like Deloitte-Touche and KPMG). The first E-Government ("Virtual City") is born!

    Year Image 95
  • This year ThirdWave's technology vision pushes the envelope as we pioneer E-Government.

    Key Projects: Las Vegas IT Strategic Plan and subsequent 5-year, $10,000,000 implementation we complete in 4 years, one million under budget! This project validates our Virtual City Model™ and Rapid Workflow® methodology. The first E-Gov city in the US is born. Las Vegas Water Pollution Control Facility ITSP. LA Economic Development Corp E-Gov business development application, used by 400 business development organizations.

    Year Image 96
  • This year ThirdWave is awarded numerouse projects of scale and complexity throughout the US.

    Key Projects: Web-enabled purchasing app for So Cal AQMD. Intranet loan processing application using Electronic Document Management / Automated Workflow for GM. 6-year $1.8M GIS outsourcing contract with the LA Community Redevelopment Agency. A $2M Y2K rewrite of the LA DWP’s Customer Information System, used to issue utility bills to 4 million customers. ECMS deployment for the Hawaiian Electric Company.

    Year Image 97
  • This year marked our 10 Year Anniversary! We moved our cramped offices on the 2nd floor up to the 6th floor where we occupy half of the entire floor!

    Key Projects: Systems Sales & Support continues to increase its numbers with several State Universities throughout the US. Multiple-year transportation GIS outsourcing contracts with OCTA and SCAG. ECMS Board Agenda System for the Orange County Sanitation District. IT Master Plan for the City of Corona. Several E-Commerce websites for law firms, accountants, and retailers.

    Year Image 98
  • As we close out the century, we win major contracts in various vertical markets.

    Key Projects: Multimedia clients include DreamWorks and Sony Pictures where we provide high end rendering servers, multimedia software and training. City of Las Vegas D.A.R.T.S, web-enabled permitting application used to support the building boom in Vegas. LA County MTA GIS Group for transportation modeling / GIS applications.

    Year Image 99
  • Another pivotal year! Our projects garner national and international awards for best practices and project management.

    Key Projects: Stanislaus County IT Strategic Plan. City of Carlsbad $1.5 million Enterprise EDMS project wins the AIIM International Award for "Innovation in Government EDMS projects over $1,000,000", selected out of 90 entries from 40 countries. Alameda Corridor Automated Revenue Collection System. State of Calif. DOIT IT / Web Strategic Plan. City of Long Beach enterprise EDMS implementation.

    Year Image 00
  • The Internet bubble bursts, and the IT industry takes a hit. Because we anticipated it, ThirdWave is positioned to survive - and continue our growth.

    Key Projects: State of CA E-Government Strategy; City of Austin’s E-Goverment Strategic Plan (we beat Gartner; IBM & Arthur Andersen); Web-apps for Han Padron & Assoc. (NYC) a world leader in Marine Structural Engineering; and Stanislaus County adopts Rapid Workflow® as a BPI best practice.

    Year Image 01
  • We start the new decade with a bang developing numerous enterprise web-enabled applications.

    Key Projects: Stanislaus County $1.4 million project to port legacy criminal justice applications off a mainframe to web apps (Sheriff, DA, and Public Defender) one of the first web-enabled ICJIS apps in the state. We offer formal Rapid Workflow™ courseware and training - and certify 500 facilitators for government and Fortune 500 corporations.

    Year Image 02
  • As 2003 started with uncertainty, ThirdWave maintained a solid business position.

    Key Projects: National ECMS Strategic Plan for NOAA, a federal agency headquartered in Washington DC, with 13 regional offices on both coasts. City of Palm Spring PD post-implementation assessment of its CAD / RMS and RFP development. Rapid Workflow BPI / BPR certification training for Cendant (a Fortune 500) and the California Council Planning Directors.

    Year Image 03
  • This year we beat Cisco, SAIC, Siemens, and Microsoft on various large projects!

    Key Projects: Rapid Workflow® Training to Merced and Riverside Counties. BPR: LA World Airports, Riverside County, Portland Police Records Management. IT Strategic Planning: Silicon Valley Infrastructure Master Plan (13 cities). Development: Portland Police E-Field Reporting app. EDMS: City of Long Beach Online Building Permit.

    Year Image 04
  • All hands on deck, time to get busy!

    Key Projects: E-Gov: City of LA California CIP Multi-Agency Benchmarking Web App allowing 5 largest CA cities to enter/report estimated vs. actual costs of Public Works CIPs. Web: Dr. Alvv and Han-Padron Website (NYC, the 3rd largest marine engineering firm m the world). SI: Interface OCTA's CAMM NET (E-Procurement app developed by ThirdWave in 2000) to the new Ellipse ERP.

    Year Image 05
  • This year we are awarded multiple projects in Sacramento.

    Key Projects: BPR: City of Stockton Rapid Workflow Certification. Implement BPI Team at CalSTRS (largest US teachers' retirement fund and 2nd largest US public pension fund with assets of $160.2 billion in 2008.) ITSP: Riverside County Enterprise LMS and City of Lancaster. ECMS: City of Stockton and Palm Springs PD CADD/RMS Strategic Plan. E-Gov: Sacramento E-Gov Strategic Plan.

    Year Image 06
  • Awards: Latino Coalition/AFLAC Civic Award for longstanding entrepreneurialship and community service.

    Key Projects: BPR: City of West Sacramento. ITSP: California State Energy Commission. ECMS: California Dept. of Water Resources Feasibility Study, LA Fire & Police Pension Strategic Plan. SI: City of LA Bureau of Sanitation Infrastructure Assessment of 4 Treatment Plants and 32 pumping stations.

    Year Image 07
  • This is a year of multiple large projects in the Capital of California!

    Key Projects: BPR: CalSTRS Rapid Workflow BPI projects, identify $30M business opportunity! IT Strategic Planning: CalSTRS. ECMS: City of Sacramento Documentum Implementation, CalSTRS Document/Records Management Reduce Files at Move project, (40,000,000 hardcopy / microfilm / Microfiche documents). SI: City of Lancaster IT Staff Outsourcing.

    Year Image 08
  • A national presence, we win a major ECMS in the Lone Star State!

    Key Projects: ECMS: Galveston County Enterprise Strategic Plan / RFP Development. E-Gov: City of San Jose E-Government Strategic Plan (addressed 72 websites) we were selected over all of the leading IT Consulting firms in Silicon Valley. SI: CalPERS, state employee pension fund IT Master Services Agreement.

    Year Image 09
  • This year we are given a number of follow-on contracts with clients such as the County of Galveston and the cities of Pasadena and Stockton.

    Key Projects: ITSP: City of Pasadena, California General Services Agency, CalPers Strategic Management Business Consulting. ECMS: County of Galveston Enterprise Taxonomy. Rapid Workflow: Cities of Stockton, Pasadena DOT, Pasadena W&P.

    Year Image 10
  • This is the year of the IT Strategic Plan (ITSP).!

    Key Projects: ITSP: Cities of Newport Beach, Pasadena, Port of San Diego. ECMS: Galveston RFP/Vendor Selection. RWPM: Pasadena Parking, Permitting & Citations, Certification Training, Pasadena Budget Process/ERP. WEB: CASAalumni Website, City of Airdrie (Calgary) Web Assessment/E-Gov Strategic Plan. OCTA CAMM NET Ongoing Enhancement/Integration to an ERP.

    Year Image 11
  • A second year of IT Strategic Planning and Rapid Workflow for premier cities in California.

    Key Projects: ITSP: Port of San Diego GIS. ECMS: Pasadena Taxonomy/RFP: GIS: Staff Outsourcing. SI: Port of San Diego MOIS Requirements. RWPM: State of Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality: Finance/ERP, Haz Waste, Org. Assessment, Building Energy Prog., Pasadena ERP Requirements. WEB: Port of San Diego EGov Strategy Plan.

    Year Image 12
  • This year all of our business units are very busy with projects in several states, including the East and West Coasts, Pacific Northwest and Central US.

    Key Projects: ITSP: $10,000,000 Master Services contract for the City of Philadelphia, City of Carlsbad. SI: CH2M Hill MTA Transportation Hub, Port of San Diego MS Office Upgrade, RWPM: Port of San Diego Major Maintenance Program, City of Newport Beach ERP Requirements.

    Year Image 13
  • This year all of our business units were very busy with projects in several states, including Montana, California, and Pennsylvania.

    Key Projects: Rapid Workflow: Multiple-year contract to provide business process improvement services to the State of Montana Department of Environmental Quality (Helena, MT). In Southern California, our PMO Group provided Project Management Office services for a $2,600,000 ERP and Content Management System deployment for Helix Water (La Mesa, CA). And the Strategic Planning Group developed the IT Strategy and Roadmap for the City of Santa Ana, which was adopted and funded.
    Year Image 14
  • This year our business units successfully carried out a number of multi-million dollar projects.

    Our Strategic Planning Group developed the IT Strategy for the seaside community of Sausalito, across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. The Systems Integration Group partnered on two significant projects: With HOK Architecture & Planning (San Francisco, CA) we produced an Architectural Program for the design of a new PG&E facility. With Kimley-Horn, we partnered on a $2,400,000 project to produce the design/master plan for a regional fiber optic ring the will run around the San Diego Bay.
    Year Image 15
  • This year ThirdWave continued its trusted partnerships with several key customers.

    For Helix Water District, we led a $3,000,000 ERP Phase 2 implementation, of a complete suite of financial modules, an OnBase content management system, and XC2 Backflow prevention application. Acting as the PMO, this project came in on schedule and $100,000 under budget. We also completed the regional Fiber Loop Implementation for the Port of San Diego and Fiber Master Plan for the City of Modesto. Our Web Services Group carried out Website Redesign Assessments for the cities of Berkeley and San Carlos.
    Year Image 16
  • This year ThirdWave delivered a number of key ERP, Web Services, and Systems Integration projects.

    For OCTA (4th largest US transit operator) we re-wrote the CAMMNET E-Procurement app we developed in 1999. The $250k web project used Single Page Application architecture. The Vendor Admin, Reqs, Solicitations, Addendum, Award, Contract Admin, Vendor Admin and Facebook modules make CAMMNET the most complete e-procurement app in the US. We carried out an ERP project for the City of Centennial, CO and our Master Services Agreement with Philadelphia was renewed for a third year.

    Year Image 17
  • Come back in the future!


    Year Image 18
  • Come back in the future!


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