Don't Risk a Failed Enterprise System Deployment

A startling statistic in the IT industry is that (according to the Standish CHAOS Report 2009) 68% of software projects do not meet time, cost, or scope targets. Even worse, only 32% of projects were completed on time, within budget and delivered measurable business and stakeholder benefits. Gartner has noted that 80% of all ERP project fail. This dismal industry record would be unacceptable in any other market or industry.


ThirdWave has a 30-year track record delivering results on budget and schedule. Our Project Management / Project Management Office services include:

  • A long track record of success managing the deployment of large, multi-million-dollar systems employing PMBOK best practices.

  • Using established PMO best practices increases success measured by key performance indicators of quality, scope, schedule, and budgets. ThirdWave has employed rigorous PMO best practices on 350 IT projects over 31 years delivered on schedule and within budget.

Project Management Office Services

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