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Berkeley Adopts ThirdWave Rapid Workflow® as Best Practice

January 20, 2017

After seeing the effectiveness of ThirdWave’s patented Rapid Workflow® Process Modeling® on the City’s Digital Strategic Plan, the City of Berkeley elected to have all 40 IT staff go through Rapid Workflow® certification training.

Rapid Workflow® employs business process modeling to assess management, operational and technical challenges in a given business process, allowing staff and management to contribute to defining solutions. It allows staff to focus on business process improvement and the technologies needed to enhance service delivery, internally (across the enterprise) as well as to the public. The data collected in the working sessions forms the foundation for developing business and technology strategies to enhance service delivery to the public.

All IT staff went through an intensive two-day interactive class addressing As-Is and To-Be process modeling, detailed technical specification development and producing a Cost Benefit Analysis. City IT staff will use Rapid Workflow® of the newly implemented IT Governance process to identify requirements, develop specifications, publish RFPs and develop implementation roadmaps.

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