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Enterprise Resource Planning

Rigorous ERP Assessments, Procurement and Implementation

ThirdWave’s expert understanding of ERP projects is based on the pioneering ERP work we have carried out for 33 years including: leading ERP cross-functional business process improvement, technology assessments, RFP developments, procurement, contract negotiations, ERP upgrades and replacements for 200 city, county, and state agencies throughout the US and Canada. Prior to the introduction of commercial ERPs, we were one of few firms who’s technical expertise included the development of ERP systems!


ThirdWave’s successful ERP projects have been delivered to cities, countries, states, and special districts such as transportation authorities, port districts, utilities and water districts since the mid-1990s. Our ERP vendor experience includes leading systems such as: Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP, and Tyler. In 1999 ThirdWave re-wrote the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Customer Information System (the second largest utility in the US) as part of their Y2K project. Fast forward to 2017 – 2019, we executed the CIS and Financial ERP project from soup to nuts: business process analysis, requirements definition, RFP development, procurement, contract negotiation and implementation management – ahead of schedule and $100,000 under budget, extremely rare in the ERP space.

  • CalSTRS

  • City of Berkeley (5)

  • City of Burbank

  • City of Carlsbad

  • City of Centennial, CO (2)

  • City of Costa Mesa

  • City of Las Vegas, NV

  • City of Pasadena

  • City of Sacramento

  • City of Santa Ana

  • County of Riverside

  • County of San Bernardino

  • County Stanislaus

  • East Municipal Water District (EMWD)

  • East Valley Water District (EVWD)

  • Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District

  • Helix Water District (5)

  • Las Vegas Water Pollution Control Facility

  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

  • Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

  • Pasadena Water & Power

  • Port of San Diego

  • San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

  • Southern California Association of Governments


* Numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of engagements held with each client

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