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ThirdWave has carried out more than 700 successful IT projects in various professional consulting and systems integration areas. Our clients are located in 37 states and Canada. 


While our projects have spanned a broad base of industries, including Fortune 500s, design and construction firms, Hollywood behemoths, the vast majority of our customers have been in the public sector, e.g., cities, special districts, counties, states and federal agencies. 


ThirdWave’s professional reputation for exceedingly successful projects precedes us; our high-quality work is evident from New York City to Anchorage, from Calgary to Galveston.  Our clients have benefited by retaining our services with successful projects on budget and schedule, a Return on Investment, and end user acceptance Our projects have resulted in business process improvement, increased operational efficiencies, and enhanced service delivery to constituents. Our track record of successful project delivery is underscored by our corporate motto: “No excuses, just results.”

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