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CalSTRS: Rapid Workflow Training

January 24, 2014
Hi Roy,
I wanted to let you know that I think that this process is amazing! You are the perfect person to facilitate this type of meeting/process. I have never heard of this type of “brainstorming” so-to-speak prior to attending the first meeting for the onboarding process, but I have to say I like it a lot. Additionally, I am recommending you to my father who is the Director of Building and Safety for the City of Sacramento because I think that his department and the City would benefit from this.
Kateshia Butler
Personnel Technician
HR Benefits & Retirement

SCAG: Project Management Essentials for Successful Project Delivery 

April 26, 2019

We are extremely appreciative of the guidance that ThirdWave provided to help improve our project management practices and processes. This project brought together staff from across the Agency and mapped our processes for the first time. It was a difficult situation to manage, but Roy achieved it well, allowing staff members to feel heard while also moving the discussions forward. He learned quickly about our sometimes complex processes, providing valuable insight as we discussed how to improve. The end result was [Rapid Workflow®] process maps and templates that will be critical for the Agency’s continuing efforts. The project management manual and training that ThirdWave have also provided a strong foundation for staff upon which the Agency can build.


Caitlin Sims

Management Analyst, Sustainability
Southern California Association of Governments


Stanislaus County: Rapid Workflow Training

June 2, 2002

Thank you for your very engaging Rapid Workflow training session last Thursday.

I am so intrigued by this process because I believe that it has enormous potential to really improve macro/micro-level systems. My area of interest is health care services and policy. While I've been writing grants for nearly my entire professional career, my position as grants writer for the county Health Services Agency serves as a learning laboratory for applied health services research and analysis. Grants (and more importantly, the grants writing process) are most effective when they function as a catalyst for positive transformation in the lives of individuals, programs, organizations, communities, systems and policies. The key to having that happen lies in accurately identifying problems and involving key stakeholders (those that are obvious as well as those not-so-obvious) to develop effective solutions. Systems modeling and simulation are one approach to identifying and quantifying problems and possible solutions. Your Rapid Workflow process bridges the gap between theory and practical application in a real world, real time environment.
Rapid Workflow provides a common language, symbology and process to accurately identify, quantify and prioritize problems. The completed Rapid Workflow diagram very graphically validates and illuminates problems and impacts within a given process or system. My goal is to use RWF as a tool to analyze, describe and graphically display current health care needs and practices. This would be very useful in developing the "need/problem statement" portion of any grant proposal. The process will also help partners to develop a common understanding of how a particular system works and factors contributing to the targeted issue(s). This will be useful in developing an effective program or service delivery design/intervention with measurable outcomes, which are necessary for developing a proposal's evaluation component.
Rapid Workflow may also alert us of the need to significantly alter or abandon an approach that may not be effective or not worth the cost vs. benefit. I'd like to explore this application further-maybe even as part of my PhD program at Berkley.
Cherie Morrison Davis, MPA
Grants Writer
Stanislaus County Health Services Agency



Stanislaus County

September 10, 2002 

I would like to thank each of you for taking time out of your very busy schedules to attend the Rapid Work Flow training on Thursday. I think Roy did an excellent job in condensing the training to meet everyone’s needs. Each of you did an excellent job in your respective work groups as well.
Gerry Caviness

Interim Director, Community Services Agency 
Stanislaus County



State of Montana Department of Environmental Quality: Rapid Workflow Certification Training


August 19, 2013 
Wow this was great! 
Dave Nagel 
Bureau Chief, Business Development



State of Montana Department of Project Management: Rapid Workflow Certification Training

August 19, 2013 
Its one of the few trainings where I couldn't wait for the next day of training. 
Roy clearly understands the material and conveys the information so that its easy to understand.
Anita Bangert 
Bureau Chief 
Project Management Office

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