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Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority: Systems Integration


March 3, 2010


Under Roy's leadership, ThirdWave gave us great value for money during a high-pressure public-sector project (the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority, a joint agency of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach).


Richard Nelson

Engagement Manager

IBI Group

City of Costa Mesa: Oracle Financials

May 5, 1997

I have reviewed the deliverables provided to the City. We are pleased both with the documentation provided and the excellent services provided by you in this project. I have included copies of the sign off pages from the deliverables.


The deliverables established in initial meetings with Roy and you have been completed. We again thank you for your dedication and involvement in making the necessary tasks take place to configure our databases and train our staff in Oracle Enterprise Manager.


Gerald L. Verwolf 
Project Manager


City of Los Angeles: Construction Management Systems Integration


August 25, 1992


Mr. Wilfred Marshal
Office of the Mayor
Office of Small Business
City of Los Angeles


Dear Mr. Marshal:

ThirdWave has been assisting CRSS Constructors, Inc. in providing services to the Hyperion Construction Division of the Bureau of Engineering. The annual value of the Services provided by ThirdWave on this Contract is $400,000 and consists primarily of management information services and computer network operation and maintenance.


The services provided are of the highest professional quality and have been rendered in both a professional and congenial manner by the three ThirdWave personnel working at our site.


Our association with ThirdWave has been one of mutual cooperation. Mr. Roy Hernandez has been unfailing in accommodating both the requirements of the City of Los Angeles and of CRSS. It is a pleasure to work with a fine organization such as ThirdWave.


Robert L. Miller, PE 
Project Manager



City of Los Angeles: Contractor of the Year Recognition

September 1, 1992

Mr. Wilfred Marshal, Director 
Office of the Mayor
Office of Small Business Assistance
City of Los Angeles
200 N. Spring St., Room 1400
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Third Wave Corporation

Dear Mr. Marshal:

This is to provide the highest recommendation for ThirdWave Corporation's professional and technical capabilities.


I have worked with ThirdWave personnel for over three years; I have observed their work in providing comprehensive systems integration expertise, products and services, in the use and management of the System Network, Optigraphics, Autotrol, and AutoCAD CAD) systems.


The quality of the tasks performed and products delivered has been exemplary. On many occasions the assignment involved tasks that were not included in the scope of the work, yet a reliable end product was delivered. The company has a sound and knowledgeable technical base and has used this ability to sec jobs through to completion.


Briefly stated, the personnel of ThirdWave Corporation has shown commendable technical capabilities, as well as demonstrated excellent personal skills. I can state without hesitation that their performance has been extraordinary. It is with this direct working experience that I offer the highest professional recommendation for ThirdWave Corporation-Please do not hesitate to call me at (310) 524-XXXX if you would like to discuss their technical or professional qualifications in more detail.



Jan E. Jordan, 
Systems Manager
Hyperion Construction Division, 
Bureau of Engineering Dept. Of Public Works

City of Los Angeles Office of the Mayor: Contractor of the Year Recognition

August 14, 1992

Mr. Roy Hernandez, President ThirdWave 11400 W. Olympic Boulevard, 2nd Floor Los Angeles, California 90064


Dear Mr. Hernandez:

We are pleased to inform you that the Department of Public Works has nominated your company for consideration as one of the Contractors of the Year that will be recognized by the City of Los Angeles at the Mayor's Sixth Annual Awards Breakfast and Reception. This annual event is scheduled for Friday, October 9, 1992 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 711 South Hope St., Los Angeles, California 90017.

In order to fully evaluate you and your company, we are requesting you to complete the attached profile and return it to us no later than the close of business on September 4, 1992.

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional concerns.




LA Water & Power Department: Financial Energy

August 27, 1992

Mr. Wilfred Marshal
Office of the Mayor
Office of Small Business Assistance
City of Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Marshal:

I am writing to support the nomination of ThirdWave Corporation for the Mayor's Contractor of the Year Award. ThirdWave has served as a subcontractor to Decision Focus Incorporated in support of our services to the Department of Water and Power. In that capacity, ThirdWave supplied computer programming and software testing services. The model that ThirdWave helped us implement is now being used regularly by DWP to analyze power purchases and proposed cogeneration projects.


I have been extremely impressed by ThirdWave’s professionalism and the quality and timeliness of their services- They delivered a high quality product on time and under budget. Their successful completion of a difficult software development project allowed us to reduce the cost of delivering an important capability to DWP.


Decision Focus has already made plans to utilize ThirdWave's services to support our future consulting engagements with DWP. I would enthusiastically recommend ThirdWave to any potential clients or prime contractors. They are an outstanding company.

Michael S. Johnson 
Vice President 
Decision Focus 
Seattle, Washington 

Las Vegas WPCF/HDR: WPCF IT Strategic Plan & Implementation

To Whom It May Concern
c/o Third Wave Corporation
11400 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 650
Los Angeles. CA 90064

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in reference to the work done for HDR by Third Wave Corporation, and specifically by Roy Hernandez. HDR is the prime contractor to the City of Las Vegas for the design of S80.000.000 in improvements to the City Water Pollution Control Facility(WPCF). Third Wave was retained by HDR to provide assistance with computer systems integration. Their first project for HDR was to develop an Information Technology Strategic Plan for the WPCF. This work involved an assessment of existing conditions, interviews and workshops with staff and the development of a plan to address future information technology needs.


Third Wave carried out this work in a competent and professional manner. The work was finished on time and within budget. The City is pleased to have a plan in place that will allow them to continue their modernization efforts at the WPCF. Third Wave has been retained to continue this work and to provide actual system integration tasks as recommended in the strategic plan.


The individuals we have worked with at Third Wave arc knowledgeable and experienced in computer hardware, software, systems, networks, communication, systems integration, and applications development. Third Wave worked well with the other consultants and team members and helped bring cohesion to the team. Roy Hernandez is a skilled mediator and problem solver.


I would confidently recommend Third Wave, and Roy Hernandez, to any municipality that is considering the development of an Information Technology Strategic Plan.


David Pivetti
Senior Vice President
Project Manager

HOR Engineering, Inc. 

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