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City of Centennial: ERP

January 30, 2018

In June of 2017, the City of Centennial retained ThirdWave Corporation for consulting services to support the procurement of the City's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The scope of work included business requirements, technical requirements, business process documentation, RFP development, vendor evaluation criteria, vendor selection for demonstrations and contract review and negotiations.


The City had experience the professionalism and the value of ThirdWave's Rapid Workflow workshops in 2015 when ThirdWave supported the City in the efforts to create an IT Strategic Plan. What has impressed the City during the ERP project is the breadth of knowledge and expertise that ThirdWave has regarding ERP systems. The insights provided by ThirdWave had not only allowed the project to keep moving forward, but provided a level of comfort to all stakeholders that participated in the project.


Additionally, the project would not have maintained the aggressive schedule that was laid out by the City without the project management and facilitation skills demonstrated by Roy Hernandez. As challenges came up Mr. Hernandez was true thought partner with the City, and helped develop creative ways to keep the project on track to meet the major milestones.


ThirdWave had a direct impact on the support the City project manager received from the departments and executive management of the City.

It was a stroke of luck to have found ThirdWave during the IT Strategic Plan project, and their knowledge, professionalism and integrity was critical to the success of Centennial's ERP project.


Mitch Meier

Manager of Enterprise Services

City of Centennial

City of Costa Mesa: Oracle Financials

May 5, 1997

I have reviewed the deliverables provided to the City. We are pleased both with the documentation provided and the excellent services provided by you in this project. I have included copies of the sign off pages from the deliverables.


The deliverables established in initial meetings with Roy and you have been completed. We again thank you for your dedication and involvement in making the necessary tasks take place to configure our databases and train our staff in Oracle Enterprise Manager.


Gerald L. Verwolf 
Project Manager

City of Costa Mesa

City of Indio: Information Technology Assessment and Strategic Plan

October 2, 2020

I truly appreciate you and your staff doing this, you guys are awesome. Thank you.

Ian Cozens

Director of IT

City of Indio

Helix Water District: ERP RFP & Procurement

May 14, 2014

In April 2013, the Helix Water District retained ThirdWave Corporation for consulting services to support the procurement of the District’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. The scope of work for consulting services included: business needs assessment, development of business process documentation and technical requirements, enterprise software RFP development and detailed specifications, evaluation and selection of ERP solutions, and contract negotiations and review. 
While the District was impressed with ThirdWave’s breadth of experience related to business needs assessment and business process documentation, we selected ThirdWave due to their interpersonal skills including effective communication. We knew that we would be relying on this consultant to help the District move forward with a very risky and challenging project and we knew we wanted a firm that had the skills and abilities to help mitigate risk and ensure a successful implementation. We found that firm in ThirdWave. The team has a strong track record, is very experienced , has strong communication and organization skills and the ability to effectively implement the District’s scope of work.
ThirdWave’s project management skills and value added have allowed the District’s project to stay on track. ThirdWave’s experience and their Rapid Workflow methodology made it easy to document our business processes. We achieved huge results faster than we could have imagined. Roy Hernandez is a skilled facilitator that understands how to effectively and respectfully ask questions to gain the important details to chart out our business processes. The team enjoyed working with Mr. Hernandez because he is personable and quickly understands the unique aspects of the District’s business. Mr. Hernandez knows how to use his Rapid Workflow methodology to gather key information about our business processes which helped in developing a clear statement of work for the RFP for the ERP/ECM systems. 
Mr. Hernandez has a vast knowledge about government procurement processes which helped the District to develop a detailed and objective process to procure the ERP/ECM systems.
ThirdWave has provided invaluable advice and guidance on the procurement of the ERP/ECM systems. They have the breadth of experience which has helped to ask the key questions during the vendor presentations. We are pleased with the results and the excellent consulting services that Third Wave has provided. We highly recommend Third Wave for ERP procurement and business needs assessment.
We are fortunate to have found Third Wave with their depth of knowledge, strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as high integrity.
Lisa Stoia

Finance Director

Helix Water District

Los Angeles World Airports: Purchasing BPR


The whole project went very smoothly and was a fun one with which to be involved, largely thanks to ThirdWave’s “can do” attitude and intelligent enthusiasm. Roy, Sergio and the other staff participants were always very responsive, and we had a lot of last-minute requests for help from them. I believe LAWA got far more out of the project than we expected. Thank you!


S. McTigue

BPR Project Manager

Strategic Planning

Los Angeles World Airports

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