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IT Strategic Planning

Technologically strategic, fiscally responsible, and transformational 

ThirdWave is a nationally recognized leader in IT Strategic Planning. We have an unequaled and vast body of work spanning 35 years. We employ the only patented Government IT Strategic Planning tool in the United States; ThirdWave’s Rapid Workflow® methodology.


Our firm has a long and consistent track record of extraordinary success producing exceptional ITSP Roadmaps that get adopted, funded and implemented. Our projects are consistently recognized as comprehensive, thorough and exceptional by our clients. Exceedingly rare in the IT industry, 97.8% of our projects (139 out of 142) have been funded and implemented. This is an unequaled statistic in the IT industry. (The industry average hovers around 60%.)


ThirdWave’s IT Strategic Technology Roadmaps are holistic, using a balanced focus on management, operational and technology performance parameters.  Our ITSP Roadmaps offer specific, actionable recommendations supported by the most detailed and thorough budget estimates in the IT industry. This has been the key to our unmatched success in obtaining funding from elected officials.

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