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AIIM International: International Industry Recognition Award

April 21, 2008

AIIM International 2001 Channel Connection Award for “Innovative Document Management, New York, NY, for “Innovation Government ED/CM Projects over $1,000,000.” This was awarded to ThirdWave from a field of 90 entries submitted from 40 countries.



AIIM Los Angeles: Industry Recognition Award


January 10, 2005


AIIM-GLA (Association for Information/Image Management: Greater Los Angeles) Appreciation Certificate (2002) awarded to Roy Hernandez, President/CEO of ThirdWave for: “Outstanding services not only to the Chapter but the entire information/image management industry.”

City of San Carlos: ECMS Strategic Plan


January 2, 2018

To Whom it May Concern:


I'm pleased to recommend the services of ThirdWave Corporation. I had the opportunity last summer/fall to work with Roy Hernandez and his team on creating a Citywide Taxonomy and selecting an Electronic Content Management System (ECMS). I heavily relied on Mr. Hernandez's experience and expertise in the field for several months as we navigated through hundreds of City documents, prepared a Request for Proposal (RFP), and selected a vendor. He was able to help us get a clear understanding of what a true ECMS can do to help the City work efficiently, and knew all the right questions to ask during the interviews with the bidders.


His assistance with the project has been tremendous. It's evident from his approach that he's passionate about the ECMS world and matching his clients with the best system that meets their needs. I would highly recommend any agency looking into an ECMS system to work with Thirdwave Corporation.


If you have any questions or need any clarification, please don't hesitate to contact me.




Crystal Mui, CMC

San Carlos City Clerk/Community Relations Director


City of LA, Fire & Police Pensions: ECMS Strategic Plan

June 12, 2007

I am a project manager for the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions (LAFPP). I have been working with ThirdWave Corp for the past year in the Needs Assessment Phase of our Document Management project.


Not only did ThirdWave complete the tasks in a timely manner, but also some tasks were completed ahead of schedule. My department had many projects that were taking place concurrently. This made it extremely difficult to meet with staff to get the user’s requirements. There were also delays in getting comments back from the staff after each deliverable. This was out of ThirdWave*s control. In order to keep the project on schedule, ThirdWave made every effort to fast track other tasks. This has made our project stay on schedule*thanks to ThirdWave.


This was a fixed cost project and ThirdWave stayed within the budget quoted. The personnel at ThirdWave have shown commendable technical capabilities, as well as demonstrated excellent personal skills and customer service.


ThirdWave has successfully completed each task in the project. The final product was exceptional. Their work was precise, detail-oriented, and professional. Their work demonstrated that they are a company that takes pride in their work and believe in a quality product.


ThirdWave is an exceptional company. ThirdWave is by far the best company that I have the pleasure of working with because of the expertise and effort to satisfy the customers. ThirdWave is definitely a company that would go the extra mile for their customers. They provided services above what was expected of them to meet our needs.

Jennifer Huang-Leifeste 
Project Manager/Programmer Analyst V 
Dept of Fire & Police Pensions



City of Long Beach: City of Long Beach ECMS Requirements

May 2, 2018

The project was a complete success and the city is better for having you and your team be a part of it.


I would like to thank ThirdWave and especially Roy Hernandez for providing exceptional service and making our Document Imaging Strategy a big success. ThirdWave has become a trusted resource due to their in-depth knowledge, dedication, and drive.


Rapid Workflow exceeded our expectation and we continue to receive praise from users on how it opened their eyes from what they thought the process was, to how it is, and ultimately with ThirdWave’s help what it has become, more streamlined and efficient.

Scott Otta

Business Information Technology Officer

City of Long Beach



City of Stockton: ECMS Strategic Plan & RFP Development

June 13, 2007

Attached is the Reference Check form that you sent me to gather feedback on ThirdWave Corporation.


The form based on its size does not allow me adequately provide me feedback so I am sending you this mail message. While I do not know what state of readiness your organization is in terms of Records Management. However, I can attest that the services provided by ThirdWave Corporation to the City of Stockton was first class.


Their understanding of the industry from both a business as well as technology perspective is why we initially contracted with them. The value we received from this went far beyond that. The personal dedication to their customer far exceeds anything I have ever obtained from Gartner, Forrester and other larger Consulting organizations. While some may say that is due to their outfit being small, I would beg to differ. For in my over 20 plus years of working in this industry, that which Roy and his team bring to the table goes above and beyond the best I have ever experienced.


In addition to helping write our analysis they help create our RFP as well instructed a team of us in their Rapid Workflow Process. In doing the latter, they left a legacy as this training is still being utilized today in departments all across the City.


If there is anything that I could add it would be this: Before you extend the contract (hopefully to ThirdWave), take a look at your organization from a holistic perspective. You need to have a really good understanding of your organizational readiness. For if you have not already discovered, the issue or the Records Management industry has changed dramatically and therefore you need to have a total Content Management view of your environment.


FYI, I am a member of a couple AIIM ( Standards Committees and one of them is the Implementation Guidelines Committee. So I am sharing with you the AIIM Implementation Guidelines which I, along with a group of my peers co-authored. If you'd like, I can provide you with some additional AIIM Collateral in hopes that it will assist you at making the right decision, just let me know. I am also providing you with a link to the City of Stockton's Bid Flash page where if you scroll down, you can find not only the ECM RFP, but a host of other tools which may aid you in this endeavor.


In closing, if there is anything that I can assist you with in this effort, up to and including providing you with additional information concerning ThirdWave, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards, 
Tony A. DeGruy

City of Stockton 


County of Galveston: ECMS Strategic Plan & RFP Development

September 9, 2010

I confirm that I have dealt with Third Wave Corporation over the past year, during which time they have provided Galveston County with excellent service, support, and guidance.


Third Wave’s project management staff worked closely and successfully with our internal PM staff to arrange kickoff meetings to educate and increase customer buy-in, schedule Departmental interviews and follow up meetings, gather various information about current document management and work flows, and presented the final results to County Leadership via a workshop.


Third Wave’s Rapid Workflow methodology was instrumental in helping various Departments define their current document workflows and workflow issues. This methodology worked so well it brought to light work related inefficiencies in several departments. Throughout our entire ECMS project Third Wave personnel have been a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism, attention to detail and willingness to “go the extra mile” has been instrumental in completing our ECMS project on time and on budget. The Third Wave project recommendations were accepted by County Leadership virtually without change and have been budgeted for project start in FY 2011.


If the need arises in the future to do additional ECMS evaluations I hope I have the pleasure and privilege to work with Roy Hernandez and Third Wave Corporation again.

Yours Respectfully,

Rob Powell 
Chief information Officer 
Information Technology Department 
County of Galveston 
Galveston, Texas 



County of Galveston 2: ECMS Strategic Plan & RFP Development

September 3, 2010

ThirdWave was engaged by Galveston County to help develop a strategic plan and an implementation plan for an Enterprise Content Management System. During this engagement we found them to be professional and efficient at what they do.


From an IT perspective it was good to hear feedback from our customers on what a great move it was to bring them in to do the Rapid Workflow sessions. The various departments found the sessions useful in gaining an insight as to what they were doing and how they could improve their business processes. Our District Clerk even hired them to help with other projects she had going on in her office because of the expertise they had shown during the development of the strategic plan.


I have enjoyed working with ThirdWave and look forward to working with them on future projects.


Kirk M Greene 
Applications Manager/Asst. CIO, 
Galveston County



County of Missoula, MT: ECMS Strategic Plan

April 14, 2010

I'm very pleased to provide a reference for ThirdWave.


ThirdWave was selected to conduct Missoula County's Document Management & Imaging Business Requirements Analysis because their response to our RFQ illustrated a depth of knowledge in the technical aspects of our project as well as the management and social factors we'd need to consider before implementation.


ThirdWave's attention to detail in managing the project day to day and their ability to keep the project moving was exceptional. They really understood the potential hot spots we'd encounter throughout the project and helped us develop strategies to meet those challenges.


ThirdWave's ability to stay on schedule and provide detailed, helpful, thoughtful deliverables was extraordinary as was their commitment to communicating efficiently and thoroughly with our project team. They even completed the project more than a month ahead of schedule!


Thanks for your help on this important project for Missoula County!


Anne Hughes 
Project Manager, Special Projects



FileNet UserNET 2001 Recognition Award:

Best Enterprise Content Management Solution

May 3, 2001

FileNet UserNET 2001, for “Best Enterprise Content Management Solution - Second Place/Honorable Mention” for the use of project management best practices on large government ECMS deployments.


Inland Empire Utilities Agency: ECMS


September 10, 2015


To whom it may concern,

ThirdWave was selected over other RFP proposers because they were the highest ranked responder to our RFP which included several categories: 1. Organization, history, reputation, location and capability to perform the work, 2. Qualification and experience of personnel assigned, 3. Ability to begin work on specified date, 4. References, 5. Thoroughness of proposed work to complete the stated scope, 6. Exceptions taken, 7. Sample deliverables.


With regards to ThirdWave’s Project Management capabilities and ability to work effectively with our PM, they have been prompt on all tasks and have responded to telephone and emails almost immediately.


ThirdWave’s Rapid Workflow methodology allowed the project to capture a high volume of data in a short amount of time from a cross-section of departments. Participants found the sessions informative and easy to participate in, no homework necessary. Our sessions were completed at a high level, but the process can be scaled to lower level topics as needed.


With regards to budget and schedule integrity, these were highly acceptable. There were no issues with invoicing.


Our overall experience working with ThirdWave has been very good. As far as the likelihood of retaining them in the future, we would appreciate ThirdWave responding to future RFP’s.


Lauramae Recupero
Inland Empire Utilities Agency
"Water Smart - Thinking in Terms of Tomorrow"

Las Vegas Water Pollution Control: ECMS Strategic Plan

March 6, 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in reference to the work done for HDR by Third Wave Corporation, and specifically by Roy Hernandez. HDR is the prime contractor to the City of Las Vegas for the design of S80.000.000 in improvements to the City Water Pollution Control Facility(WPCF). Third Wave was retained by HDR to provide assistance with computer systems integration. Their first project for HDR was to develop an Information Technology Strategic Plan for the WPCF. This work involved an assessment of existing conditions, interviews and workshops with staff and the development of a plan to address future information technology needs.


Third Wave carried out this work in a competent and professional manner. The work was finished on time and within budget. The City is pleased to have a plan in place that will allow them to continue their modernization efforts at the WPCF. Third Wave has been retained to continue this work and to provide actual system integration tasks as recommended in the strategic plan.


The individuals we have worked with at Third Wave arc knowledgeable and experienced in computer hardware, software, systems, networks, communication, systems integration, and applications development. Third Wave worked well with the other consultants and team members and helped bring cohesion to the team. Roy Hernandez is a skilled mediator and problem solver.


I would confidently recommend Third Wave, and Roy Hernandez, to any municipality that is considering the development of an Information Technology Strategic Plan.


David Pivetti 
Senior Vice President 
Project Manager
HOR Engineering, Inc.

Ontario Municipal Utilities Company: Electronic Document Management Consulting Services

August 13, 2021

To Whom it May Concern:

Ontario Municipal Utilities Company contracted ThirdWave Corporation to manage and facilitate the re-organization of our Agency’s shared drive. Based on the caliber of work and the professionalism we experienced with Roy, Sergio and Aymee, I would gladly recommend ThirdWave Corporation for any such project in the future.

Roy hosted and documented Rapid Workflow and Taxonomy workshops that were very structured and helpful, while giving us the freedom to maintain our desired 
configurations that were department specific. The team was also very responsive, and we stuck close to our deadlines and managed to finish our project in a timely manner.


The quality of the end-product was exceptional. All deliverables were met, and we are very happy with the services that Roy and his team provided. As the Project Manager of this endeavor, it seemed like quite the task to tackle, but Roy and his team made it easy for us to complete this undertaking. Even amongst the pandemic, they were able to accommodate our scheduling and worked with us via teams, as well as a couple times in person. Should we have any upcoming projects in the future, or should other Agencies within the City like the same service, we would definitely refer ThirdWave Corporation.


Ria Pavia
Senior Management Analyst 
Ontario Municipal Utilities Company


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