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Educational Services

Practical & Pragmatic Training

ThirdWave provides a number of professionally designed and developed courses applying teaching of best practices. Our training and courseware take a pragmatic and focused approach. Courses are structured to thoroughly cover important aspects of each subject matter. The classes are highly structured and interactive, facilitated by expert instructors. To enhance student retention, classes cover important concepts, processes, techniques and knowledge areas. Instructors demonstrate practical examples, and then students are guided through exercise allowing them to practice what they’ve learned. 


The following ThirdWave Essential Courses™ are provided:

  • Business Process Modeling Essentials: Rapid Workflow® Certification Training (2 Days)

  • Scope of Work Writing Essentials

  • RFP Writing Essentials

  • Government Procurement Essentials

  • Vendor Evaluation Essentials

  • Vendor/Contract Management Essentials

  • PMBOK Project Management Essentials

  • Help Desk Customer Service Essentials


Organizations seeking to adopt proven best practices to improve organizational performance, measured in successful project delivery, improved business controls, lowered budgets, enhanced resilience, and/or improved customer server, take the ThirdWave Essential Courses™.

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