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Geographic Information Systems

Enterprise GIS for the Public Sector

ThirdWave has helped our public sector clients leverage Geographic Information Systems in a variety of applications. One of our first GIS projects in 1989 was the development of a CADD/GIS Strategic Plan for the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, which resulted in ThirdWave implementing the first ESRI GIS system in the City of Los Angeles in the early 1990s.

Our firm quickly established ourselves as technical experts with GIS technologies and spatial data. The following provides a partial list of services we have provided:


  • Enterprise GIS Strategic Planning: for city, county and regional transportation agencies

  • GIS Development and Integration: including conversion of multiple state GIS maps/databases, environmental spatial database collection and mapping, GIS modeling of environmental data; DOT Oracle accident mapping and reporting application development/integration with Esri, Sewer Wye Maps, and the first web-enabled GIS application in the world.

  • GIS Outsourcing: when our clients have needed GIS expertise and have been challenges with limited budgets/FTEs, we have provided onsite GIS experts to perform systems planning, application programming, GIS web-enabled application development, and the deployment of enterprise-wide GIS transportation applications, documentation, and enterprise-wide custom-tailored training programs.

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