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Procurement Assistance​

ThirdWave has a core competency and specialization in government procurement policies and practices. We have produced government solicitations (RFP, RFQ, RFI’s) since 1989; the first solicitation we facilitated was for a $6,000,000 CADD/GIS system for the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works. Since then we have facilitated approximately sixty (60) procurements for our local, county, state and federal clients. Most recently, our procurement engagements revolve around ERP, Enterprise Asset Management/Maintenance Management Systems, and Land Management Systems. ThirdWave is a subject matter expert in the entire government procurement life cycle; our projects have included the following:

  • Requirements Definition

  • Technical Specifications

  • Technical Research and Budget Estimates

  • RFP/RFQ/RFI/RFB Development

  • Procurement Assistance: facilitating pre-bid conferences, and issuing addendums

  • Developing vendor bench marks, scoresheets, vendor evaluations, and selection

  • Customer reference checks

  • Contract Negotiations

Government Solicitation Experts

  • California DOT

  • California Department of Water Resources

  • California Teachers Retirement System

  • City of Airdrie, Canada

  • City of Berkeley (5)

  • City of Centennial, CO (2)

  • City of Las Vegas, NV

  • City of Long Beach

  • City of Los Angeles, Public Works

  • City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation

  • City of Palm Springs Police Department

  • City of Palm Springs Fire Department

  • City of Pasadena 

  • City of Philadelphia, PA

  • City of Sacramento

  • City of San Carlos

  • City of San Jose

  • City of Stockton

  • County of Galveston, TX (2)

  • County of Missoula, MT

  • County of Riverside Bioterroism
  • County of Stanislaus

  • Helix Water District (3)

  • Las Vegas Water Pollution Control Facility, NV

  • NOAA

  • Orange County Transportation Authority

  • RGB

  • SCAG


* Numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of engagements held with each client

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