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Rapid Workflow®

The only patented government Business Process Improvement methodology in the US

ThirdWave is a subject matter expert and national thought leader with business process analysis and improvement to optimize mission critical business processes. Our projects offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise including:

  • The only patented government Business Process Improvement (BPI) methodology in the US (US Patent Office, Patent No. 8,615,423). (Six Sigma and Lean were patented for the manufacturing and product development environment, which are not aligned with the operations and service delivery of the public sector.)

  • A track record of facilitating more than 4,000 government requirements definition workshops.

  • A body of work using Rapid Workflow® on 150 BPI/IT Strategic Planning projects of scale and complexity for city, county, state and federal agencies - and Fortune 500 corporations.


Our Rapid Workflow® projects have resulted in streamlined business processes, cost savings, cost avoidance and extraordinary customer service to constituents.  In short, as our clients have informed us, transformational change.

  • Caldwell Bankers

  • CalSTRS (4)

  • Cendant

  • City of Berkeley (10)

  • City of Modesto

  • City of Newport Beach (2)

  • City of Pasadena (8)

  • City of Pasadena Water & Power (2)

  • City of Stockton

  • City of West Hollywood

  • City of West Sacramento

  • County of Galveston, TX (6)

  • County of Riverside (2)

  • County of Riverside Commun Health

  • Equity Title

  • LA Metro (5)

  • Long Beach PD

  • Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality (3)


  • Placer County Auburn (2)

  • Placer County Lake Tahoe

  • Portland Police Bureau, OR (2)

  • San Dieguito Water District

  • Stanislaus County (8)

* Numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of engagements held with each client

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