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Enterprise Content Management

Business Process Improvement

ThirdWave is one of the most accomplished Enterprise Content Management (ECMS) system integration/consulting firms in the US.  For 21 years (from 1987 to 2008) we were the leading ECMS implementor on the west coast, including the states of Alaska and Hawaii.  Our project innovation and tech leadership resulted in national AIIM and AIIM International recognition awards. Our firm implemented various leading ECMS for local, county, state and federal agencies.  Our ECMS implementations entailed entire cities or counties, built upon a solid enterprise taxonomy, focusing on workflow automation.  ThirdWave pioneered the successful use of e-forms, e-signatures and workflow automation with a number of key cities such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  In the late 2000s we parted ways with ECMS vendors and began representing the best interest of our clients.   Since then we have executed a variety of significant projects including:

  • ECMS Strategic Plan, with a focus on workflow automation

  • Enterprise taxonomy development, e.g., cities of Los Angeles, Long Beach, counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, Missoula, MT, Galveston, TX, states: California and Montana. and federal agencies such as NOAA.

  • Backfile conversion strategies (ranging from 20,000,000 to 60,000,000 pages) e.g., for CalSTRS, counties of Fort Bend and Galveston, TX, City of Long Beach, Helix Water District, and California Water Resources Board.

  • RFP development and procurement assistance for 40 cities, counties, state departments and federal agencies.

  • California Dept. of Water Resources

  • CalSTRS

  • City of Carlsbad (5)

  • City of Long Beach (3)

  • City of Los Angeles (100)

  • City of Modesto

  • City of Pasadena - DOT/HR

  • City of Sacramento (2)

  • City of San Carlos 

  • City of Santa Ana - Public Works Agency

  • City of Santa Monica

  • City of Stockton

  • County of Galveston, TX (3)

  • County of Missoula, MT

  • County of Riverside

  • County of San Bernardino

  • FNTI

  • Fort Bend County, TX

  • Hawaiian Electric Company, HI

  • Helix Water District

  • Inland Empire Water District

  • LA Fire & Police Pensions

  • Las Vegas Water Pollution Control Facility, NV

  • MGM Studios

  • Navistar Financial, MI

  • NOAA

  • NOAA, MD

  • Orange County Sanitation (2)


* Numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of engagements held with each client

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