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City of Berkeley Continues Strategic Relationship with ThirdWave on ERP Procurement


February 2, 2018

In the 8th engagement in two years, the City of Berkeley selected ThirdWave to carryout a major project: replace a SunGard Public Sector ERP system used since 1991. 

The system (formerly HTE and known as FUND$) is used for financials, budgeting, payroll, community development, work order and asset management, refuse billing, and land management functions. It runs on an IBM iSeries server with a legacy 5250 green screen user interface, employing keyed data entry versus a contemporary point and click interface. 

ThirdWave’s patented Rapid Workflow Process Modeling® methodology will be used to replace several FUND$ modules lacking advanced processing, reporting, data analysis, and security features that exist in modern ERP systems. Requirements will be articulated for several modules. ThirdWave will write six RFPs, facilitate the solicitation process, and assist in contract negotiations. New ERP modules will include Work Order/Asset Management, Fleet/Facilities Management, Real Property/Lease Management, Property Tax Software, Refuse Billing, Performance Management/Learning Management and Business Licences (currently running on Accela).

To our knowledge, writing 6 RFPs at once is a first. However, based on our relationship with the City of Berkeley, we are confident the objective will be met.

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