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ThirdWave to Carry Out IT Classification Study for the City of Burbank


May 30, 2017

Working with the City’s CIO and his management team, ThirdWave will collaborate Burbank’s IT organization to carry out an IT Classification Study. This engagement was a second attempt at assessing the City’s organization, when a previous consulting firm could not deliver the desired results.

ThirdWave employed its proven and trademarked methodology for a service we call “IT Organization Optimization.” After a thorough review of existing organization, classification and human resource documentation, a series of tasks were carried out with IT staff and management. A proprietary online survey was employed at the onset to provide IT staff the opportunity to provide input on their knowledge, skills and abilities related to their respective classifications and professional roles and responsibilities. After the survey data was compiled, face-to-face interviews were held with IT staff. The purpose of the interviews will be twofold:

  • To validate the responses provided by staff in the surveys by asking clarification questions to ascertain the relative accuracy of proficiency level each staff assigned to themselves.

  • To validate the classification assigned to each staff and the actual work they are currently responsible for and presently carrying out. The IT skills inventory data was summarized in ThirdWave’s trademarked graphical IT Organization KSA Matrix, graphically indicating the KSA levels for all IT staff. This data was juxtaposed with benchmark data collected from 10 other comparable Southern California cities. Referencing the data collected in previous tasks, the final task developed IT Classification Recommendations.

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