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ThirdWave chosen to realize Asset Management Requirements Definition Project for City of Centennial


February 28, 2020

The City of Centennial engaged ThirdWave to utilize their patented Rapid Workflow® process modeling workshops to conduct an Asset Management Requirements Definition project. The data gathered will inform an RFP to automate a number of asset management functions in the Public Works Department. By using ThirdWave’s Rapid Workflow® process modeling workshops, the City was able to identify functional and technical requirements, reporting needs, interface requirements, and data migration specifications. Their purpose is to aid Public Works move into a new system replacing the existing Cartegraph system. Detailed specifications for the following asset management processes were examined:

1.    Streets Maintenance

2.    Traffic Management

3.    Facilities Management

4.    Parks Maintenance

5.    Fleet Management

6.    Street Rehabilitation

7.    Streets Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

8.    Field Maintenance

9.    CRC (City Call Center) 311

10.  Right-of-Way Permitting


Using 32 years of experience using the Project Management Institute’s PMBOKTM Guide to complete over 300 consulting and systems implementation projects, ThirdWave also administered ThirdWave’s Project Management Essentials Training to City staff. This training, which ThirdWave has provided for 19 years, will provide an overview and exercises of key project management concepts, skills, tools and techniques.


Noted Aymee Barajas, ThirdWave Business Analyst and Project Coordinator on the engagement: “This is the fourth engagement ThirdWave has employed with the City of Centennial in the last five years. These include an IT Strategic Plan, an RFP/Solicitation of a new ERP system, Rapid Workflow® Certification training, and now the requirements for an Enterprise Asset Management System. We are fortunate to have established a long-term relationship with such a progressive city as Centennial.”

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