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ThirdWave partners with the City of Centennial to Enhance Building Division Processes and EnerGov Utilization


July 15, 2022

The City of Centennial, part of the Denver, CO Metro Area, recently transformed its Building Division by bringing the once contracted service in-house. This transformation brought to the surface a gap in the institutional knowledge and standard operating procedures. To help fill in the gaps and start to develop a knowledge base of operating procedures, the City of Centennial partnered with ThirdWave to document their processes, challenges and solutions. This project includes a total of nine Rapid Workflow® workshops focusing on the current and future state of four core processes, and a permit requirements workshop focusing on collecting key data that will be used to automate workflow in their EnerGov system. The primary outcome of this project is to enhance the applicant experience for residents, business owners and developers.  Additionally, the Building Division will have a list of actionable items they can use to enhance their new operation, and fully leverage their land management system to improve operational efficiencies.

“ThirdWave is honored to be selected by the City to support the Building Division processes analysis. This project marks the seventh year working with Centennial on various initiatives since developing their IT Strategic Plan in 2015,” noted ThirdWave Enterprise Services Manager Mitch Meier.

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