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ThirdWave provides our clients a depth and depth of professional and technical expertise. We have implementation/integration experience with a broad range of technologies like: networking/communications infrastructure, hardware/COTS software, ERP applications, and departmental applications (Asset Management, Permitting, GIS, Public Safety, etc.). We have received national and international AIIM awards for government Enterprise Content Management System implementation projects over $1,000,000. We are also experts on Web-enabled/E-Government applications, where we have been a pioneer, thought leader and innovator since 1995.   

Unique in the US, ThirdWave offers the only patented government Information Technology Strategic Planning methodology: Rapid Workflow®. (Six Sigma and Lean were developed for manufacturing and product development environments respectively, and have a high failure rate in the public sector.) Rapid Workflow® is a proven best practice; we have facilitated more than 4.200 highly successful workshops for a variety of technology projects, including Business Process Improvement, IT Strategic Planning, RFP development, Software Development, and Enterprise Content Management engagements.

ThirdWave's reputation for rigorous Project Management services are recognized across the US.  We have a legacy of delivering IT projects from $100,000 to $10,000,000 on schedule and on budget, including the most challenging technology type – ERP systems.

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