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ThirdWave to Carry Out Requirements Definition for Tyler EnerGov Deployment


September 29, 2022


The City of Fairfield, CA has retained ThirdWave to assess in the implementation process of a Tyler EnerGov system. A fair amount of work had been carried out by the software vendor and a consultant, but that effort failed to completely articulate detailed business process improvement, functional / technical requirements, and specifications for configuring the EnerGov system. The City now seeks to complete a more detailed assessment to ensure end users needs will be satisfied in the deployment.


The objective of the project are to:

  • Build upon the work already done;

  • Identify the decision points for process so the appropriate staff can meet with EnerGov during the system configuration;

  • Produce a thorough set of functional and technical requirements that can be given to the implementation consultant. 


The requirements will inform the vendor, so the EnerGov system will perform to the desired expectations of the City.


Thirty seven business processes will be reviewed with stakeholders/business process owners using ThirdWave’s patented Rapid Workflow® methodology. The project will identify business process improvement opportunities that might be achieved with automation via the new EnerGov system. 


“We look forward to working closely with business process owners and Tyler to ensure the City of Fairfield gets the successful deployment it is seeking,” noted Roy Hernández, ThirdWave President.


This is the second engagement ThirdWave is carrying out for the City of Fairfield. We are currently developing the City’s Digital Strategic Plan.

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