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ThirdWave Beats Gartner in Enterprise Content Management System Strategy Project in Texas County

December 12, 2013

The old truism says that “Everything is big in Texas,” and it’s true, however, that need not apply to your technology consultant. After a highly competitive bidding process, Fort Bend County (a progressive county located 40 miles from Houston) selected California-based ThirdWave Corporation over Gartner and other leading Texas-based technology firms (such as Access Science, Doculabs, and Imerge Consulting) to carry out a county-wide Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) project. The project will culminate in a 5-year ECMS Strategy and Implementation Plan. 
“This project represents our continued presence in Texas, where we’ve executed numerous enterprise-wide government engagements in the Lone Star state since 2000” commented Roy Hernandez, ThirdWave Founder, President and CEO. This is not the first time ThirdWave has been selected over premier consulting companies in that region of the US. Previous Texas engagements include multiple projects for Galveston County and the City of Austin. 
The engagement also includes options to develop the County’s ECMS RFP, in addition to assisting with the solicitation process. “After 27 years of writing RFPs and facilitating government procurements, in 2013 we established a new business unit to formally address this customer need, the Procurement Assistance Group.” noted Hernandez. The Fort Bend award underscores how a mixture of government procurement subject matter expertise, coupled with national / international AIIM awards, can trump size.

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