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CSU Fullerton Adjunct Professor Haney Mostafa Invites ThirdWave President to Address College of Business and Economics

September 14, 2016

The cavernous auditorium was filled with the faces of students engaged in a course on organizational development, as part of Cal State University Fullerton’s College of Business and Economics. Roy Hernandez was invited by Adjunct Prof. Haney Mostafa to share decades of experience as an entrepreneur, innovator and thought leader in the fields of Business and Information Technology. “Roy and his firm ThirdWave, are pioneers in evaluating Internet Technology and are at the forefront in the areas of Information Technology Strategic Planning and Business Process Reengineering. Roy has received numerous national/international industry recognition awards for Enterprise Tech projects in government. Enterprise technology and its impacts on organizations is an important topic.” noted Mustafa.


Providing a presentation entitled: “Entrepreneurship: Business, Success and Letting Go of What You Are,” Hernandez imparted his formula for entrepreneurial success – Envision, Plan, Prepare and Perform. Prof. Mostafa continued: “Roy's insights and candor resonated with students with entrepreneurial ambitions in the field of consulting and information technology. I believe wisdom from industry leaders is valuable for students because it allows them to think outside of the box, learn from the experience of others and hopefully seek out mentors that can help propel their careers.” Hernandez ended the talk with a quote from Lao Tzu: "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

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