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Golden Gate Bridge Traffic & Transportation District Adopts ThirdWave’s 5-Year Information System Strategic Plan


July 15, 2020


Fang Lu, Golden Gate Bridge CIO and Roy Hernandez, ThirdWave President/CEO presented the final IS Strategic Plan (Plan) to the executive team at the Golden Gate Bridge. This project, which started shortly before COVID-19 struck and ended in its spike on July 2020, was completed on time and on budget. The initiative took 5 months and, undeterred by the stay-at-home lockdown, was carried out entirely virtually, exceptionally managed by the District’s CIO in close collaboration with ThirdWave. Said Lu: “This would normally have caused issues or challenges, but looking back, none of this affected the project. The team sustained the work quality, made sure of their availability, achieved great engagement with GGB staff, and delivered a great outcome. Overall, it was a great success. As the GGB CIO, I was extremely impressed with the work ThirdWave delivered.”


ThirdWave employed our patented IT Strategic Planning methodology. We are thrilled the project was adopted, bringing our track record to 148th out of 151 -- a 98.1% success rate. Driven by ThirdWave’s patented Rapid Workflow® methodology, this is the highest success rate in the US. Said Lu, “The team is flexible, responsive, and professional. I was able to leverage ThirdWave’s decades of experiences and make decisions on how to move forward with GGB IS in a great manner.” The Golden Gate Bridge Traffic & Transportation District could have selected any of the more than one dozen leading consulting firms in the US that submitted proposals for this critical project. “We were privileged to have been given the opportunity to assist the District develop its 5-year tech blue print for the future,” noted Hernandez.

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