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HOK, World renowned A&E Firm Taps ThirdWave’s Tech Expertise for Design of New PG&E Facility

May 8, 2015

HOK, a world class A&E firm (rated 81 in the ENR Top 150 Global Design Firms) selected ThirdWave as a partner on a project to produce an architectural program for PG&E’s new critical Operations Center in Vacaville, CA. The 65,000 sq. ft. structure is classified as a critical facility requiring 24/7 reliable operations. It will support PG&E’s emergency, monitoring and controls of electric and gas systems and house the following functions: a response and control center for Corporate Security (CSCC), Emergency Network Operation (EOC) and Emergency Notification Operation (ENOC). It will also be an alternate back up site for the Gas Operational Control Center (GOCC).

ThirdWave’s Systems Integration Group will address Information Technology in the programming activities, including attending project meetings, interviews with PG&E departments, the synthesis of technical information collected in the departmental Interviews. Lending our tech expertise, ThirdWave will contribute to the draft and final program documentation, including responding to comments on draft program provided by PG&E.

This project marks an 11 year collaborative relationship between ThirdWave and HOK on several major projects, i.e., new City Hall for the City of San Jose and the new Corporate Headquarters for the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica.

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