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ThirdWave on $20,000,000 LA County Project for On-Call Master Plan & Strategic Facilities Planning Services


September 3, 2019

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a $20 million contract for on-call master plan and strategic facilities planning services. The services will augment the Chief Executive Office Asset Management Branch’s ability to advance the Strategic Asset Management Plan.  The agreement will be for a five-year term plus two 1-year extension options.  The program amount will be allocated among eight selected consultant firms listed below:

One small-sized firm: RAW International, Inc., Local Small Business Enterprise;

One medium-sized firm: Makers Architecture and Urban Design, LLP.;

Six large-sized firms:

  • AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

  • DLR Group Inc.

  • M. Arthur Gensler Jr. & Associates, Inc.,

  • Forum Studio Inc. (Team members: ThirdWave, Arup, BAE, Jay Farbstein, Studio T-SQ)

  • Cannon/Parkin, Inc.

  • Perkins Eastman Architects, D.P.C.

The goals of the Facilities Master Planning project include:


  • Optimizing the use of assets to their highest and best use;

  • Establishing stronger connections between service priorities and asset decisions;

  • Creating an enterprise-wide understanding of needs and priorities;

  • Developing long-term funding strategies that address future unfunded needs; and

  • Stimulating economic activity and improve residents¶ quality of life.


The recommended consultant services agreements will directly support the development of long-range facility master plans that align service delivery goals, associated operational plans, and related facility needs.


Roy Hernandez, ThirdWave President/CEO, commented: “It is a true privilege to be on such a distinguished team of world class firms.” Aymee Barajas, ThirdWave Business Analyst noted: “This engagement demonstrates ThirdWave’s unique capability to bridge numerous professions such as Facilities Master Planning, Asset Management and IT Strategic Planning.”

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