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LA Family Housing Engages ThirdWave Again for Finance Organization Assessment


July 12, 2021


LA Family Housing (LAFH) is committed to addressing homelessness and poverty by providing housing and supportive services. Since 1983, it has undergone enormous growth and responsibility. They have grown from 295 to 450 employees in one year and from an annual budget of $60 million to $75 million. When an agency undergoes such enormous growth and responsibility, like LAFH has, it requires a review of its organizational structure and processes that often lead to necessary change(s).


ThirdWave was selected by the LAFH Finance department to review its organizational structure, systems and processes, along with the impact of LAFH work on stakeholders’—staff, participants, landlords, vendors, etc. and LAFH’s auditors.

Key issues to address include:

  • Staffing: structure, division of responsibilities and level of expertise

  • Systems: workflow efficiency, functionality and Oracle NetSuite system output maximization

  • Process: operating at an optimal level

  • Stakeholders: incorporating stakeholders into the agency's working philosophy

The goal of the project is to address these needs to improve the Finance department’s overall effectiveness in the agency. Through the assessment process, Finance is looking to gain a better working relationship between themselves (intra-department) and those who rely on the Finance department (inter-department) to function at highly competent level.

 ThirdWave’s patented Rapid Workflow methodology will be engaged to evaluate the LAFH Finance department and enhance  responsiveness and effectiveness, as they remain committed to addressing homelessness.


“ThirdWave is elated to work with LAFH on another engagement and assist them continue their significant mission of transitioning people out of homelessness and retaining long-term housing stability."

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