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City of Long Beach Seeks to Reduce Paper in Advance of Move to New Civic Center

April 4, 2016

The City of Long Beach Technology & Innovation Department has selected ThirdWave over other leading ECMS firms to assist in the development of a comprehensive Document Management and Imaging Strategy. Although the City has an enterprise document management system (Laserfiche, Long beach CA), many documents continue to be stored physically in file cabinets at City facilities. The reasons for this are varied, including legal/ordinance requirements, physical retention policies, lack of scanning as part of the business process, etc.


The City is in the process of constructing a new Civic Center, which will include a new City Hall. ThirdWave will assist the City eliminate, to the extent possible, the amount of physical storage needed in the new City Hall. The desired end-state is for all existing files to be scanned so they can be easily retrieved and to modify business processes to make imaging of documents a part of the operation.

Although the goal is to address all City departments/facilities in the strategy, the primary focus of the document reduction will focus on departments that are located in the 14-story City Hal tower: City Attorney, City Auditor, City Clerk, City Manager, City Prosecutor, Civil Service, Development Services, Financial Management, Human Resources, Mayor and City Council, Public Works and Technology and Innovation.


Using ThirdWave’s patented method/tools, the project will produce a comprehensive strategy and roadmap outlining future implementation projects that will enable the City to achieve several objectives:

  • Substantially reduce the need for physical document storage at City facilities by June 2019 when the new City Hall is anticipated to be operational.

  • Increase operational effectiveness, efficiency and making future processes as paperless as possible, using a cost effectiveness approach to imaging and document management.

  • Integration with the City’s new ERP system.

  • Integration with other systems, i.e., City Clerk’s Granicus system.

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