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City of Fresno & ThirdWave present IT/GIS Strategic Plan at MISAC 2023 Annual Conference, Rancho Mirage


September 26, 2023


Rancho Mirage, CA   The City of Fresno and ThirdWave Corporation unveiled the City of Fresno’s refreshed IT/GIS Strategic Plan (ITSP) at the MISAC 2023 Annual Conference. 

The team presentation included Bryon Horn, CIO, Frank Vawter, Assist. Director, Information Services Division, City of Fresno; Roy Hernandez, President, and Aymee Barajas, Sr. Business Analyst, ThirdWave Corporation.


The team addressed the methodology used by ThirdWave to construct the ITSP, which gave the city a sound technology strategy to optimize internal operations and enhance service delivery. “We have thoroughly enjoyed working with ThirdWave as they have demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and are very knowledgeable in developing IT strategy.” noted Bryon Horn, City of Fresno CIO.

Working in close collaboration between the Information Services Department and ThirdWave, the ITSP project focused on surveys, interviews, Rapid Workflow® workshops, and other methods used to develop a 5-year roadmap for California’s 5th largest City. The presentation reviewed elements of the plan, and how Fresno is adopting it within its operations. “ThirdWave really dug deep and identified improvement opportunities in our organization, and helped us chart a path to a better future.” said Frank D.  Vawter, Assist. Director, ISD.

In his summary, Roy Hernandez, ThirdWave President/CEO noted: “The City’s CIO and Assistant Director have done an exceptional job implementing a substantial number of enterprise systems over recent years, and are centralizing an IT department with more than 130 professionals. Based on having carried out ITSPs for 15% of every city in California, in our opinion, the City of Fresno ISD ranks in the top two percentile of cities in the State of California.”

Additionally, ThirdWave congratulates Bryon Horn, and the City of Fresno for being recognized with the MISAC Excellence Award.



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