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Kimley-Horn Selects ThirdWave to Team on Modesto Municipal Fiber Optic Infrastructure Master Plan

August 9, 2016

The City of Modesto has retained Kimley-Horn (Oakland, CA) to develop a municipal fiber optic infrastructure master plan. The industry leader selected ThirdWave Corporation as part of its team, which includes Willdan Financial. "Kimley-Horn partnered with Thirdwave on this innovative project because of successful past collaborations, and their experience in municipal fiber-optic network design and master plan development," noted Elbert Chang, PE, TE, Kimley-Horn Project Manager. Jerine Rosato, ThirdWave PMO Manager, noted “This project continues a ten-year partnership between ThirdWave and Kimley-Horn. Previous projects include a $10M Master Services Agreement with the City of Philadelphia, the IT Master Plan for the Port of San Diego, and the Silicon Valley Infrastructure Master Plan.”

The project will carry out a feasibility study of fiber infrastructure, proposed communication and business requirements, and future operational needs. An analysis will be made of existing City-owned fiber infrastructure and capacity, communication/data demands, including facility security, access control, video surveillance, fire system alerts, Intranet, and enterprise voice. The use of the fiber network for City-sponsored Wi-Fi, Smart City initiatives, Tier 1 or 2 Internet Service Provider (ISP) connections, wireless carrier/radio system backhaul will also be addressed.

The project will culminate in a Fiber Network Infrastructure and Services Master Plan consisting of deployment strategies, implementation requirements, a prioritized list of implementable initiatives, and planning level costs.

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