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State of Montana Adopts ThirdWave’s Rapid Workflow® as a Best Practice BPI/BPR Tool


August 5, 2013

The State of Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Montana Department of Administration (DOA) adopted Rapid Workflow® as a BPI/BPR best practice by send a group of staff and management through the rigorous Certification Training.

Among other key environmental protection activities, DEQ provides oversight of the state's Superfund cleanup operations. DEQ consists of the following divisions: Enforcement, Financial Services Office; Office of IT Services; Permitting & Compliance; Planning, Prevention & Assistance, and Remediation. DOA boasts 500 employees that provide services and support the state government enterprise i.e., Architecture and Engineering, Banking and Financial Institutions, Health Care and Benefits, Risk Management and Tort Defense, State Accounting, State Human Resources, and the State IT Services Division.

According to ThirdWave President Roy Hernandez: “After providing Rapid Workflow BPR/BPI services for the last year, the certification training underscores how effective DEQ perceives the methodology to be.” The two-day intensive training covered concepts, principles and techniques for business process analysis, requirements definition, strategic planning and software development. Other key components addressed To-Be Business Process Modeling and Cost/Benefit Analysis.

One student noted: "This is one of the few trainings where I couldn't wait for the next day of training!" Another commented: "Wow! This was great!"

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