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ThirdWave Wins $150,000 Web-development Contract to Update CAMM NET, Revolutionary E-Procurement System


May 23, 2014

For decades the elusive “Holy Grail” of the computer industry has been to implement the “paperless office,” as it was called in the old days. (It’s now referred to as workflow automation.) In 1999 the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) in California, under the leadership of Neal Johnson, CAMM NET Project Manager, embarked on an ambitious project to fully automate the government procurement process. Responsible for multiple transit systems including, bus, rail, freeways and ride sharing programs, OCTA - the 4th largest transit operator in the US, selected ThirdWave to develop a truly paperless procurement web-enabled application. The CAMM NET web app eliminated all paper used from beginning to end: e.g., requisitions, solicitations, quote/proposal submittals, vendor evaluations, awards and the encumbrance of funds from an ERP system. The CAMM NET Vendor Module provided a level playing field for all small and large businesses to compete for OCTA’s business opportunities. The Internet was 5 years old at the time. 
After 15 years of technical support, numerous enhancements and integration with ERP and Face Book, it was time to bring the application into the new century using a contemporary toolset. After a highly competitive solicitation, ThirdWave was determined to be uniquely qualified to provide the facelift required by the E-Procurement workhorse. Said Jim Falin, ThirdWave Manager of Web Development, in charge of CAMM NET: “We are extremely pleased to have been selected to take CAMM NET to the next level. As a trail-blazing web-application, it is the only soup-to-nuts paperless procurement app in the public sector.” CAMM NET’s 15 year track record of unblemished performance demonstrates that the “Holy Grail” of the Information Technology industry is attainable after all.

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