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Ontario Municipal Utilities Selects ThirdWave for Agency-wide Document Management Project


March 4, 2021


Founded as a Model Colony, based on innovation, planned development, community service and family values, the City of Ontario has become the economic heart of the region. The City’s population is estimated at 166,866 and the City’s current area covers approximately 50 square miles. 

The Ontario Municipal Utilities provides water for about 167,382 residents living in the Ontario area. Established in 1891, the Ontario Municipal Utilities water supplies are comprised of surface water and groundwater. In addition, the Integrated Waste Department provides reliable, timely, safe, and affordable refuse collection services to the residents and businesses in the City of Ontario. The agency also offers several programs in order to promote waste minimization and recycling efforts.

The Ontario Municipal Utilities issued an RFP to implement an agency wide Document Management project. ThirdWave was selected to streamline and organize documents and records in the Shared Drive in order to provide better and more efficient access to information for new and existing staff. The project has two goals. First, integrate all agency information within the shared drive into a Data Governance System that implements and maintains the recordkeeping policies established by the City. Secondly, implement an indexing/classification scheme integrating all information (i.e. images, documents, data, etc.) within the Data Governance model that is consistent throughout all the department folders within the agency.

Sergio Hernandez, ThirdWave Executive VP, noted, “We are excited to have been selected by another municipal utilities district for this agency wide document management project.” ThirdWave is pleased to continue building relationships with utility districts across the state of California.

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