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Placer County, Tahoe, CDRA/BIA Use ThirdWave’s Rapid Workflow® to Re-envision Permitting Processes


February 6, 2018


Following the success of the CDRA Auburn workshops, Placer County Community Development Resource Agency (CDRA) Tahoe retained ThirdWave to employ the same innovative approach to improve the area’s housing availability. Collaborative business process improvement workshops were held to enhance the Planning Entitlement, Improvement Plan Approval, and Building Permitting processes. 

Once again, ThirdWave’s patented Rapid Workflow® method was used to assess and re-imagine existing policies, practices, and technologies related to development permitting.

Driven by the success of the CRA Auburn workshops, an impressive seventy-one persons participated in the workshops. The following leading private sector organizations participated: Aipline Springs, Averbach Engineering, CSG Consultants, Evolve Design Works, Huff Construction, JK Architect Engineering, King Engineering, Lahortein RWQCB, MPC, HoneyDo, Inc., MWA, Inc., Nathstor, NS Building Industry Association, Psomas, RFE Engineering, Inc., Sierra Gold, Sugar Bowl Corp., T-TSA, Westpark Communities, and Wood Rodger. Government agencies in attendance included: CATT, NCSD, North Tahoe Fire, NorthStar Fire Dept., NTPUD, Placer County DPW, Placer County DPWF, Placer County, Sacramento Valley Public Service District, SCCUVD, SVPSD, TCPUD, TRPA, Truckee Sanitary District, and WTPVD. 

One-hundred and forty-four (144) solutions were identified in three workshops, offering considerable opportunity to streamline the permitting processes, make more effective use of public and private sector resources, mitigate permitting delays, and foster increased housing and economic development.

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