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Port Hueneme Adopts ThirdWave’s 5-Year IT Master Plan & Roadmap


June 3, 2021


Roy Hernandez, ThirdWave President/CEO presented the final IT Master Plan to the Port Hueneme City Council. Undeterred by the Covid-19 pandemic, the project was carried out entirely virtually. The project was completed on time and on budget due to the remarkable management by the City’s Information Systems Manager, Aaron Wedemeyer, in close collaboration with ThirdWave.


ThirdWave engaged our patented IT Master Planning methodology to integrate the effective use of technology to support extraordinary service delivery to the City of Port Hueneme’s community. Aside from the City Manager, the City Council of Port Hueneme unanimously adopted the proposed 5-Year ITSP. “We are excited for the City of Port Hueneme to implement our IT Master Plan to improve their balance between demand for new and emerging technology, and available IT resources, including staffing, IT governance, capital and operating funds,” noted Hernandez. This is the 160th  out of 162 IT Master Planning engagements approved by one of our government customers.

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