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ThirdWave Provides Interim CTO for IT Organization Transformation

December 15, 2015

The Port of San Diego reselects ThirdWave to provide an interim CTO reporting to the Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer (CFO). The interim CTO will be onsite two days a week providing leadership and direction to the Port’s IT organization. The Port’s Executive Team and CFO will provide direction to the interim CTO. Tasks include the review of the Business & Information Technology Services (BITS) department’s project work breakdown structures, provide BITS supervisors mentoring, adoption of best practices, and operational improvements. ThirdWave will provide IT organization transformational services including the following:

  • Aid the Port in identifying and retaining a new CIO including resume reviews and comments, onsite CTO interviews, and a CIO recommendation.

  • Making an analysis of BITS staffing by classification and producing a base line of available resources by comparing staff availability to currently projected work and projects, staff classification analysis, capacity assessment, and BITS stabilization recommendations.

  • Review the BITS staff classifications and compare them against the BITS study and assessment. The assessment will include KSA deficiencies by BITS business unit, and deficiencies by staff.

Finally, the engagement will produce a BITS training plan, which may contain in-house or external training.

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