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CIO Maria MacGunigal & ThirdWave’s Roy Hernandez Present Digital Strategic Plan Refresh Findings


January 26, 2017

City of Sacramento CIO Maria MacGunical and ThirdWave President/CEO Roy Hernandez presented the findings of the Digital Strategic Plan (DSP) Refresh to the City’s newly elected Mayor and Leadership Team. The DSP Refresh project carried out an audit of the DSP completed/funded in 2014 to gauge the progress made in the first two years of the implementation.

ThirdWave was originally retained to perform the DSP in a critical time: the new CIO inherited a downsized IT organization, supporting a business environment confronted by the Great Recession - a formidable challenge. The Refresh project revealed the following extraordinary accomplishments:

  • NextGen Data Center

  • 311 Replacement

  • Redesigned Website

  • Mobile Event Business Management

  • Automate Bids, Contracts and Digital Signatures

  • Automated Meter Infrastructure – Department of Utilities

Key statistics:

  • 200% more DGS and existing projects were completed than planned in the 2-year period

  • $500,000 in hard dollar savings in system consolidation and improvements

  • 100% of $7,500.,000 worth of IT projects were delivered on or under budget

  • 70% of $3,700,000 of technology projects delivered on schedule

  • $1,000,000 savings in Rapid Workflow® redesigned procurement processes.

  • 300% increase in website views

Under the leadership of the City’s CIO, Maria MacGunical, the first two years’ execution of the City’s DSP represents the most effectively executed and successfully managed implementation of a DSP ThirdWave has seen in the last 10 years. In our experience, Hernandez commented, “The first two years of DSP implementation puts the City of Sacramento in the top 5% of cities in US; and based on our assessment, we do not foresee this changing in the immediate future.”

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