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City of Sacramento selects ThirdWave to execute 

ERP Cashiering Functional & Requirements Definition Project


April 10, 2020

The City of Sacramento retained ThirdWave to carry out a series of Rapid Workflow® process modeling workshops to articulate functional and technical requirements for a new Enterprise Resources Planning RFP. The goal of this crucial engagement is to standardize the numerous and disparate cashiering systems used at the City. Business process assessed included the following:

1.  Finance Taxes & Payment Permit                                 7.   Youth, Park & Community Enrichment

2.  CDD Building Permits Cashiering                                       Activision Child Care Registration

3.  City Clerk Commission Cashiering                               8.   Animal Care Animal Licenses & Adoptions

4.  Sacramento Marina Cashiering                                    9.   Convention Cultural Services Events

5.  Police Records Cashiering                                          10.  Fire Department Weekly Deposits                 

6.  Finance Ticketing                                                         11.  Department of Utilities Utility Bill Cashiering

                                                                                          12.  Public Works Parking Cashiering

ThirdWave was pleased to collaborate with the City of Sacramento on this key project, continuing our relationship which began in 2001. Noted Aymee Barajas, ThirdWave Business Analyst and Project Coordinator on the project, “ThirdWave is thrilled to continue our partnership with the City in assisting its ongoing advancement to becoming the most efficient and effective digital city if California.”

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