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City of San Carlos Retains ThirdWave for Strategic Website Redesign Assessment

August 23, 2016

Nestled in a quant and picturesque corner of Silicon Valley, the City of San Carlos selected ThirdWave from 25 vendors to carry out a needs assessment for a future website redesign.

Seeking a subject matter expert in website design, development and E-Government innovation, San Carlos established a relationship with ThirdWave to outline the vision, goals and key elements of a new website/intranet. Last updated in 2009, ThirdWave will employ a number of proven best practices to mitigate a number of challenges with the current website, which is burdensome to user and difficult to navigate. ThirdWave will produce recommendations for a modern, cutting-edge website with features that will make it user-friendly to residents, businesses and visitors. Noted Roy Hernandez, ThirdWave President/CEO: “We look forward to lending the same experience, expertise and vision to this engagement as we have for other similar projects, which have resulted in our clients garnering Best of the Web/Top Digital Cities awards from the Center for Digital Government.”

An emphasis will be placed on aligning the new website design with the City Council’s 2016-2017 Strategic Plan, which includes a strong focus on “Public Outreach, Community Engagement and Social Media.” One of the City’s objectives under this goal is to “Redesign the City website to make it easier for the community to locate desired information and engage them.”

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