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Village with unparalleled charm and natural beauty selects ThirdWave to Articulate Technology Strategy and Roadmap

February 18, 2015

Sausalito is nestled in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, a short trip from San Francisco in Marin County. With the attributes of a small town, close-knit community, blend of historic buildings, wooded hillsides, sweeping views of the San Francisco bay, Sausalito is a community of unparalleled charm and natural beauty. 
Incorporated in 1893, the City government provides a high level of municipal services, including police services, library service 7 days a week, 17 municipal parks, a recreation program that generates more than half of its operating costs in program revenues, and proactive administration, public works and community development departments. The City of Sausalito has approximately 7,500 residents and a workforce of 70+, 
ThirdWave was selected from leading IT Consulting firms to develop an Information Technology Strategy and Implementation Roadmap. The purpose of the project was to develop a vision and actionable recommendations for the effective use of technology to support the City. The proposed IT Strategic and Operational Plan will be the cornerstone of the City’s effort to improve the balance between demand for more and better technology, and available IT resources, including staff, capital and operating funds.

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