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Water District Retains ThirdWave for As-Is/To-Be Business Process Modeling to Identify ERP Requirements

October 8, 2014

ThirdWave’s Water District practice continues to grow with the recent award of a contract to identify key Business, Functional and TechnicalTM requirements for the acquisition of an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solution for the San Dieguito Water District. Several mission critical business processes will have As-Is and To-Be business process models produced, including:

• Start / Stop Service Process: Setting up new customers, Terminating customers, 48 hour notices, Deposits, and Start-up fees.

• Billing Process: Meter reading, Exceptions, Calculating bills, Posting bills, Printing and mailing bills, Includes potable and recycled and tankers.

• Payment / Delinquency Process: Cashiering, Delinquency timeline, Notices / letters, Payment arrangements, Collections, Liens, Adjustments.

• Work Order Process: Customer versus internal staff initiation.

• Backflow Process: Create and print Backflow Test notices and all reminder notices, Incoming notice tracking / database storage.

• Engineering / Development Process: Meter installations, Read Sequencing, Job / Security/Inspection deposits, and Taking payments.

Stated ThirdWave’s Sr. Vice President, Sergio Hernandez: “This project, although relatively small, is significant in that it allows our firm to continue providing subject matter expertise to customers looking to transform how they manage their Water Districts using ERP solutions.”

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