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Time Machine


This Time Machine illustrates how ThirdWave went from an entrepreneurial startup, established on the Black Monday stock market crash (October 19, 1987) with a $3,000 investment. It went on to become a nationally recognized, international award winning, and highly respected technology company.  The Time Machine illustrates a remarkable depth and breadth of innovative thought leadership and an impressive body of trailblazing work.


Significant Body of Work

A sampling of significant projects presented in the Time Machine are listed below:


  • Recipient as one vendor for the City of Philadelphia, a $10,000,000 Master Services Contract in 2017. 

  • Development of a fiber ring around the San Diego Bay, a $2,600,000 project in 2015.

  • PMO services for a $2,500,000 ERP deployment for Helix Water, $100,00 under budget, ahead of schedule.

  • Developer of the first fully paperless transportation procurement application, OCTA’s CMM NET application in 1999, and re-written after 20 years in operation with contemporary web services technology.

  • Developed the website redesign strategy for the City of San Jose (the Capital of Silicon Valley).

  • Recipient of Latino Coalition/AFLAC Civic Award for longstanding entrepreneurship and community service.

  • Business Process Improvement for CAlSTRS – a retirement fund with $160.2 billion in assets.

  • Pioneer of government web-enabled online services applications.

  • Fiber Infrastructure Master Plan for 14 cities in Silicon Valley.

  • Business process re-engineering of LAX procurement processes for a $1.3 billion construction program.

  • Developed first web Integrated Criminal Justice Information System in California, a $1,400,000 project.

  • Programmed a building permitting application used to build all hotels in Las Vegas from 1997 to 2002.

  • Y2k rewrite of Los Angeles DWP Customer Billing System – a $2,000,000 programming project.

  • Replaced all technologies at the City of Las Vegas, a 5-year/$10,000,000 project, completed in 4 years.

  • Multiple year, $9,500,000 contract, to act as the Los Angeles County METRO IT organization.

  • CADD system expertise to world renown A&E firms, Wolfgang Puck for 50 restaurant building program.

  • Chevron’s onsite IT Dept. supporting 800 PCs, Macs and several mainframes.

  • Pioneer of 3D animation services to Hollywood Studios: DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures.

  • 5 year/$11,000,000 GIS project for US West with 147 ThirdWave staff mapping all facilities in 7 states.

  • Onsite IT Staffing for the Hyperion Treatment Plant project, a 10-year $23,000,000,000 (twenty-three billion).

  • GIS Wye Map implementing the firs Esri GIS at the City of LA.

  • City of Los Angeles CADD requirements and RFP for $6,000,000 procurement and implementation.


Select a year to see the significant achievements in a 33-year legacy of outstanding performance, results and success!

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