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Ventura Adopts ThirdWave’s 5-Year Strategic Plan


June 3, 2021


Roy Hernandez, ThirdWave President/CEO presented the final IT Strategic Plan to the Ventura City Council. Despite being done during COVID-19 times, the project was completed on time and on budget. The initiative took 7 months, undeterred by the pandemic. The project was carried out entirely virtually and was exceptionally managed by Ivijan Day, the City’s Management Analyst II, in close collaboration with ThirdWave.


ThirdWave employed our patented IT Strategic Planning methodology to articulate a vision for the effective use of technology to support and advance the work and resiliency of the City. The City Council unanimously adopted the proposed 5-Year ITSP. “We are elated to have assisted the City of Ventura determine the future direction of the Information Technology Division and documenting the resources likely required to support the City,” commented Hernandez. This is the 159th out of 162 IT IT Strategic Planning engagement approved by one our government customers.

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