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ThirdWave to Assist West Hollywood with Digital Procurement Process Improvement

August 9, 2018

“The City of West Hollywood recently launched the WeHo Smart City Strategic Plan, which calls for enhancing existing workflows, connecting more effectively with each other, and exploring new alternatives to service delivery through experimentation. One of the core goals of the plan is to use technology to enhance internal collaboration and streamline workflows. Technology should help make it easier to work together within City Hall and with our vendors.” notes the City’s RFP document.

ThirdWave has been selected to assist the City of West Hollywood in its effort to digitize its procurement processes, from proposal submittal to contract execution. Improvement of the procurement process is the first phase in a multi-step procurement digitization project intended to improve internal and external processes for staff and vendors.

Selected for our subject matter expertise in government procurement policy and automation, our innovative approach and patented Rapid Workflow® business process improvement method, will allow the City identify inefficiencies, reduce process steps, reduce process time, and reduce errors in work. Applying Rapid Workflow® to the City's contracting workflows will facilitate the City of West Hollywood moving to a fully digital procurement process, realizing its Smart City Strategic Plan.

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