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Small City’s IT Strategic Plan Pursues Vision of Digital City of the Future


February 14, 2014

Westlake Village is located 38 miles west of downtown Los Angeles and eight miles from the Pacific Ocean. The City is recognized as one of the finest areas to live, work and raise a family in Southern California. The City has a population of 8,300; as a master planned community; residential, recreational and commercial sites were carefully located to preserve, enhance and protect the area’s unspoiled natural environment. Westlake Village is a contract City; with only ten full-time staff, many of its services are provided through agreements with Los Angeles County, private agencies and consultants. 
ThirdWave was retained to prepare a Technology Strategic Plan to identify internal and external municipal technology uses, challenges, future requirements and investments. The plan will assist the City with future technology initiatives such as public Wi-Fi, expansion of commercial broadband capabilities within underserved areas, and other general infrastructure enhancements. Stated Roy Hernandez, Founder, President and CEO of ThirdWave. “The Westlake Village project represents a progressive and bold vision of the City’s leadership team, representing how the Digital City of the future will connect with its constituents."

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