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ThirdWave to Carry Out IT Classification Study for the City of Burbank


March 27, 2017

The City of Burbank retained ThirdWave to assist in the review of its Internal Service Fund (ISF) model for the City’s IT organization and provide professional services to assess and enhance existing IT Governance and business controls.  The objectives of the project are to:

  • Review and provide feedback on the new ISF model 

  • Examine at current processes and determine the requirements for implementing the ISF model

  • Develop recommendations and an implementation plan specific to the City of Burbank


The project entailed various activities consisting of review and commenting on the ISF model to ensure it reflects IT best practices, and the assessment of numerous business and technical processes related to budgeting, IT project planning and execution. ThirdWave’s patented Rapid Workflow methodology was applied to articulate findings and actionable recommendations, including related policies and the development of implementation roadmap.

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